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A September Mindset

If you are involved with public education in any way, make September by Earth Wind & Fire your theme song now. 🎶 It’s a great reminder that regardless of our role, we have to keep the enthusiasm and interest in education alive throughout the school year.

As an educator, “Back to School” efforts should not stop with the newness of the school year. Typically, Back to School Night occurs once. The information covered during this event is important. It is important enough to repeat it and continue to emphasize its importance.

As a parent, things are usually great at the beginning of a school year. At Back to School Night, parents and students are in the honeymoon phase of the year. No report cards have been issued and hopefully discipline issues are at an all-time low. Parents radars’ (mine included) are much more receptive as the year progresses and the importance of online learning tools and monitoring online grades regularly becomes more relevant.

The first verse of September begins with – Do you remember, the 21st night of September? Keep the enthusiasm from the beginning of the school year alive throughout the year even in months other than September.

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